Help customers find you. It’s not that clients aren’t interested (trust us, they are), they simply cannot find you online. How effective is your website if your target audience doesn’t see it? Whether you’re a pizza parlor trying to deliver more pizzas or a fitness club looking for members, Strategy Revolution has a solution for you.

Search Engine Marketing (PPC) is the most efficient way for you to be visible on different search engines based on keywords that are substantial to your business. We’ll give you the opportunity to target customers based on what they choose to search for online. Not only that, but we want to help you understand how people are searching for your business. Your website should stand out amongst the competition.


A whopping 72% of SEM advertisers plan to increase Pay-Per-Click spend in 2015.


We’ll help monitor your SEM campaign to ensure it performs as you want it to. Whether it’s changing ad copy, updating keywords, or optimizing the geography, we’ll make sure you’re getting every penny out of your pay-per-click ads.

Ad Quality Scores

Increase your ad’s quality score. Google scores ads based on their relevancy to the searcher’s queries, and we can help you get your ad in the top ad position on search engines.